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What is a Leads Group?

A Leads Group is a networking tool for HCCMO members comprised of approximately 20 business leaders. These are industry exclusive groups that offer you the opportunity to engage with members and promote your business in a non-competitive environment.
What are the benefits of joining a Leads Group?
When and where are the meetings held?
What happens at a Leads Group meeting?
What are the requirements for joining a Leads Group?
How can I sign up?
What are the benefits of joining a Leads Group?
  • Greater business exposure
  • Assistance in generating leads and referrals
  • Non-competitive networking opportunities
  • Opportunity to increase business relationships in your area
  • High return on investment
  • Access to Krenio website for easy tracking of your Leads and Referrals
  • Participation in the quarterly Joint Leads Groups Event, where all the groups reunite
When and where are the meetings held?
  • Groups meet on a weekly basis.
  • The time and length of the meetings are determined by each group. Typically held in the morning.
  • The location of the meetings depend on the area of the Leads Group.

For specific details about each group and where they meet, click on a specific Leads Group page.

What happens at a Leads Group meeting?

Each meeting is organized and led by the Leads Group officers. The Leads Groups officers are composed by the President, Vice-President and the Secretary.

Meetings have a standard format that typically include but is not limited to:

  • Individual introductions by each member. Everyone will state their name, the company they represent and what a good lead would be for them.
  • Presentation of the week by a group member to educate their group to have a better understanding about their company or industry.
  • Presentations from outside speakers that will bring added value to the group.
  • Exchange of leads acquired.
  • Announcements and upcoming events.
What are the requirements for joining a Leads Group?
  • The Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Metro Orlando Leads Groups are available to HCCMO members only.
  • The cost of the Leads Group membership is $75 annually, per the individual.
  • Member must fill out an application and sign the Leads Groups guidelines.
  • The industry must be vacant at the moment of joining the group and the individual should have visited the group at least once to make sure there are no conflicts.
How can I sign up?

Registration for each Leads Group will be on a first-come first-served basis based on availability.

For more information email us at info@hispanicchamber.net.

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